Dinosure was founded by Dennis Nedry in 2005. Alistar has long held the deep seated belief that his mother was tragically taken by a pack of velociraptors1. Dinosure began as a way to ensure that no one else had to experience the same loss.

Since then Dinosure has steadily grown to offer a diverse range of services. Our many satisfied customers now extend beyond those with simply dinosaur related concerns, and also include those who want protection from other creatures such as dragons, gorgons and manticores.

The insurance component of Dinosure now operates on the platform. This provides a robust foundation for serving the insurance needs of our customers faster and better.

1. Despite what the authorities might think

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Dinosure Services (Pty) Ltd is an unauthorised financial services provider. FSP number: 123456. 3 Sauropoda Lane, Isla Nublar, 1337